Kind comments from our viewers

Got it. Watched it. It was great - just not long enough! I could have watched all 90 hours. Thanks.


Your DVD arrived today. Very well done!! We think it is an excellent film of PBP. Quality is the best. Timing and narration excellent. It is the best cycling film I have ever seen. I feel privileged to have a copy.

Elaine C

received > watched > inspired


I got my DVD on Wednesday. I´ve seen it 6 times now. Honestly. It´s just great. First I Thought the parts of the 600km Brevet are a little long but you´re right, that´s part of the whole thing.

Best scene is that picture with the little puppet on a trike. I laughed till tears ran down my face.

Thank you for that wonderfull film. Excellent pictures, cuts and music!


My DVD just arrived! I've seen 'bout 20 minutes till now...It's fantastic, amazing! Very good music, images, sync... I'll watch it again at home (probably 2 or 3 times). CHEERS! I hope see your cams in PBP2007! Very well done! Thanks a lot!

Denis - Brasil

I have received the DVD thanks. Just like to congratulate you on an excellent film, very professional and really captures the atmosphere.

Andrew Williams

Many thanks for the DVD: it is superb. I have yet to complete an Audax ride greater than 125 km, however it was most inspirational. I even saw a few friends on the DVD I knew. Who knows - perhaps PBP 2011? Thanks again.

Tim Sanders

I'm madly packing in preparation for flying to France first thing tomorrow. But I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful thing you've done with this film - interesting, beautifully put together, entertaining. Brava!

I was worried that there wasn't going to be any BC Randonneurs content, but then I saw a clear picture of myself at the finishing check in table. Yaaa.

And thanks for sending me the dvd copy.


Thanks for sending the preview copy, I really enjoyed watching it, it 
brought back so many memories. I caught a few glimpses of myself as  the Willesden gang came in at the finish.


Many thanks for and congratulations on the PBP video which I recently ordered from you. It arrived on a Saturday morning and late that evening I thought I would just have a look at the beginning. You will probably not be surprised that I watched it all the way through, I really did not want to stop it part way through.

A great production, it was spell-binding and it would indeed be well worth watching for anyone considering riding PBP or wanting to know what it's all about.

Keith Scholey

I enjoyed your documentary a lot, and was glad it didn't hype things up. Last year, I enjoyed watching the PBP participants, battered by a night of rain, but most in good spirits as they stopped in the Fougeres control, which turns out to be the high-school I studied at.

Regards, Arnaud

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